Admiral Nurse Justine Thomlinson in a staff clinic

Supporting your staff

With an ageing population, dementia is affecting more people in the workplace now than ever before, and by 2025 one million people will be living with dementia.

  • 670,000 people are now caring for a loved one with dementia. Many of these family carers are also looking after a child, as well as the person with dementia, whilst coping with the stresses of work and everyday life
  • Over 42,000 people are living with young onset dementia (diagnosed under the age of 65) with 18% continuing to work after a diagnosis
  • 21% of carers give up or reduce their hours 
  • Caring for someone with dementia costs English businesses £1.6 billion a year
  • 70% of carers have felt isolated in the workplace

Workplaces are well-placed to provide an anchor of support, giving structure and stability when other aspects of daily life can be unpredictable and fragmented.

At Dementia UK, we can work collaboratively with you to make a difference for employees and customers:

Awareness sessions

A session with a nurse to build an understanding of dementia; how to support friends and colleagues; healthy living and work-life balance

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One-to-one sessions

A confidential opportunity for staff to speak with a specialist dementia nurse

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Bespoke advice and guidance

A flexible and tailored approach to support your staff

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A range of online information and advice

We have a range of information leaflets and advice videos available

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