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Caring from a distance

Caring from a distance is when you support and help someone from afar. It could be a mile away, ten miles, the next county or another country

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Dealing with restlessness

Restlessness can present as someone pacing, fidgeting, or trying to leave
the house. Here are some techniques and approaches which can be used to prevent and manage potentially distressing situations

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Looking after yourself

It is vital to look after yourself and to try and take part in activities you enjoy. If you are not well and do not have enough support or time to recharge your batteries, you will not be able to continue

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Calming techniques

This video provides calming techniques which may help a person with dementia as well as their carer. This includes a breathing technique known as the signal breath

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Supporting people living with dementia to continue reading

In this guest blog, Dementia UK’s Practice and Professional Development Lead, Rachel Thompson, tells us about some of challenges reading poses to people affected by dementia, as well as the initiatives working to face those challenges.

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Film suggestions for people living with dementia

The ability of arts and dementia to help families stay together in the face of dementia has been recognised by our specialist dementia nurses. Our list of film recommendations is focussed around films which have music, interactivity and simple plotlines at their heart

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