St Oswalds Hospice

Dementia at work – supporting your employees and your customers

We want to support staff and customers living with and affected by the everyday realities of dementia and provide detailed support and advice when they need it most.

At Dementia UK we work collaboratively with you to make a difference for employees and customers through:

  • Awareness sessions delivered by a Dementia UK Admiral Nurse in your offices or branches, to highlight what people can do to support friends, families and work colleagues caring for someone with dementia
  • One to one sessions and employee clinics, run by a Dementia UK Admiral Nurse to provide direct support to members of staff caring for someone with dementia
  • Advice and guidance for staff on supporting customers with dementia who come into contact with your stores or high street branches
  • Bespoke consultancy services for improving areas of your business to better support vulnerable stakeholders and employees

DHL Patient Transport Services

Dementia UK is working with DHL Patient Transport Services on a number of initiatives, which aim to better support the people with dementia that ambulance drivers and call-centre staff come into contact with. These initiatives include:

  • Further developing staff training modules
  • Producing key information ‘cards’ that will be kept in the ambulances for drivers and escorts to use whilst out undertaking their roles
  • Looking at ways to improve the on board environment and patient lounge facilities

We know that attending hospital can be a stressful event for people with dementia and their carers. That is why we are thrilled to be working with DHL to support better transport journeys. DHL Patient Transport Services are taking a thoughtful approach to better serve their customers and we are very pleased to play our part in their development.

Paul Edwards, Director of Clinical Development at Dementia UK.

To find out more about the support we offer for staff and customers, please get in touch today on 020 8036 5407, or email us at