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How your company can support Dementia UK – we need your support now more than ever

Every three minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with dementia. As the pandemic continues the challenges of families facing dementia are greater and more complex than ever before.

Dementia can be devastating. It can rob someone’s memory, personality, and ability to communicate. The toll on families can be catastrophic, watching their loved one deteriorate over time. The challenges of families facing dementia could easily be forgotten in these difficult times. Continued isolation and closure of groups, along with reduced support networks means that support can be very hard to find.

However, our dementia specialist Admiral Nurses can help. They provide life-changing care to families facing dementia when they need it most. With their support, families feeling the full impact of Covid-19 can find the strength to cope with the bad days, and the energy to enjoy the good days. Our Lives on Hold campaign shows how life for carers of people living with dementia is similar to living in lockdown for many months, and often years. As many of us adapt to a new way of living during these uncertain times, families living with dementia will see little change in their day-to-day lives.

We need support now more than ever to help ensure we can meet the continued high demand of calls to our national Helpline and be there for thousands of vulnerable families facing dementia throughout this pandemic. 

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We are so grateful to our corporate partners and all companies who have provided funding to help grow our Helpline – our most vital and frontline service during the Covid-19 crisis. These funds are helping to ensure that communities have access to the expert care and advice they need during this incredibly difficult time.

Following their donation of £25,000, Debbie Robinson, Chief Executive at Central England Co-operative said:

As the demand for the great work and expertise of Dementia UK’s team of Admiral Nurses and Helpline inevitably increases during these worrying and uncertain times, Central England Co-op was determined to throw our support behind the charity. I’m so glad this donation has been so gratefully received and is already making a positive difference to the help Dementia UK can offer those people with dementia and their families.

No one should face dementia alone. Please help us be there for families facing dementia, today and in the future.

If you and your company are in a position to help, please get in touch today on 020 8036 5407, or email us at

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