Top tips for your Time for a Cuppa

Our top tips:

Try to send your invitations out as early as possible, so everyone saves the date. Use the invitations and poster in your fundraising pack, and download more here if needed. Why not also set up an event on Facebook to help spread the word?

Ask for help. From lending you an extra kettle to helping with the washing up, people like to feel useful so don’t forget to ask for help from friends and family.

Baker or faker?

  • Bakers: Check out some of our favourite recipes here. Make sure to keep your guests sweet by offering some savoury treats too
  • Fakers: Why not buy some cupcakes and decorate them yourself? We won’t tell if you don’t!

Many people take part in Time for a Cuppa for a loved one with dementia. Baking and making food can be soothing for someone with dementia. The smell and tactile experience can be calming and, for some people, evocative of their childhood. Read our Admiral Nurse, Dave’s, blog about baking with dementia here.

Hosting your Time for a Cuppa at work:

  • Get your boss to make the cuppas in the office for a donation
  • Send a calendar invite in advance so your colleagues remember to bring some treats and cash
  • Ban the words ‘tea’ and ‘coffee’ for the day – if people slip up they could put some money in an oops jar!

Hosting your Time for a Cuppa at school:

  • Choose a time and date when most people will be able to come, for example, would parents be able to come too, if it’s at the end of the day?
  • Set up a creative corner for cake and biscuit decorating
  • Trade the tea for delicious hot chocolate
  • Combine your event with a non-uniform day, so everyone can participate (and donate!)
  • Challenge the teachers to a bake off, and give the students the chance to mark their work this time!

Hosting your Time for a Cuppa in your community:

  • Send a press release to your local newspaper to help spread the word about your event. Download our press release template here
  • Celebrate the success of your event by letting your local newspapers know. Download our press release template here
  • Put up posters on local community noticeboards. You can download extra posters here
  • Include any allergen information on labels and read the government’s advice for providing food at charity events here

Have a look at page 4 in your fundraising guide for tips from previous Time for a Cuppa hosts. You can also join our Facebook group to share tips and ideas with your fellow hosts – click here, or search ‘Time for a Cuppa – Dementia UK’ on Facebook.

Get in touch with the Time for a Cuppa team by calling 020 8036 5380 or emailing

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