Top ten tips for raising more money at your Time for a Cuppa

Fundraising ideas

As well as asking for donations for hot drinks and baked goods, there are lots of other ways you can raise money at your Time for a Cuppa. For every £14 you raise you could pay for in-depth, specialist support from an Admiral Nurse for a person contacting our Helpline.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Don’t say ‘tea’

Ban the word ‘tea’ from your tea party. Every time someone says it, invite them to put a donation in the collection box.


Raffles are always popular at Time for a Cuppa tea parties, as they’re a great way for you to raise money while giving people the chance to win a prize! Please get in touch to make sure your raffle follows legal guidelines and to get a letter of authority to help you source prizes from local businesses.

Bring and buy sale

Invite your guests to bring along books, clothes and unwanted gifts to sell at the tea party.

Biscuit decorating competition

Bake or buy some biscuits (gingerbread men are our favourite) plus some decorations, and get your guests to join in the fun by decorating them together. The winner gets to take home the biscuits!

Guess who?

Ask your guests to bring a photo of one of their favourite childhood memories. Then ask everyone to guess who is who in each photo.

Tea bag toss

Line up some teapots and cups and assign each one a point value. Ask for donations in exchange for tea bags to toss into the teapots and cups. Whoever gets the most points wins a prize!

Hold a virtual tea party

If you have friends and family who aren’t able to attend because they live far away, why not get them on Skype so they can still join in the fun? Set up a JustGiving page at so those who can’t be there in person can still donate.

Time for a Cuppa games

Ask for donations from your guests to take part in one of our Time for a Cuppa games. Download them here.

Match funding

Don’t forget to ask if your employer offers match funding – an easy way to double your fundraising total!

Gift Aid

Gift Aid makes every £1 donated worth at least £1.25 to Dementia UK at no extra cost to your guest! Use the Gift Aid form in your fundraising pack and check the information about Gift Aid on page 10 of your fundraising guide.

For more ideas, have a look at page 6 of your fundraising guide. Do you have any ideas you’d like to discuss? Get in touch with the Time for a Cuppa team by calling 020 8036 5380 or emailing

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