Be a Quiz Whiz – our step by step guide to running your own online quiz

Set up your own online quiz for your family, friends or local community. Stay connected through your love of a particular topic or test your general knowledge. Keep your brain active and have lots of fun fundraising for Dementia UK!

Family playing on a tablet

Step one: Pick the platform

There are many different platforms you can use to run your online quiz. It is important to choose the platform which best suits your quizzing needs. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Facebook or Instagram live – put your quiz master skills to the test by running your quiz live on social media. Share the time and date of your quiz in your favourite Facebook group or open your quiz up to the general public and create a buzz!
  • Zoom – hold a quiz of up to 100 participants by sending them a link to a zoom meeting. Host the quiz face-to-face or share your screen with your players. If you are using the free app version of Zoom, please be aware that you will have a time limit of 40 minutes before you need to create a new meeting.
  • Google Hangouts – hold a quiz through video calls on Google Hangouts, which allows up to 25 people per call.
  • Houseparty – hold a more intimate quiz on Houseparty with a limit of eight people per call. Great for a competitive quiz between your closest friends.
  • Whatsapp – use this well-known platform to have a small quiz with three of your nearest and dearest.
  • Facebook Messenger – hold a quiz amongst your friends in your liveliest group chat on Facebook to laugh the night away.
  • FaceTime – if you have a group of friends with apple devices, use this popular app to take on a ‘face-to-face’ quiz. Maximum of eight participants.

Step two: Put the fun in fun-draising

We recommend asking everyone to donate a set amount to take part in your quiz and to do this in advance. You can share a link to your online fundraising page and check everyone taking part has contributed before you start the quiz.

Choose the donation amount based on what you know about who will be taking part and what they can afford and what everyone is getting in return for taking part in the quiz.

The average cost of a dementia specialist Admiral Nurse supporting a caller on our free Helpline is £2.50 – so for every £2.50 you raise, our nurses can offer a lifeline to another family facing dementia.

Step three: Choose the questions

We recommend providing 40-90 minutes of entertainment for your participants.

Think about the theme of your quiz and who your target audience is; perhaps you want to hold a general knowledge quiz, a quiz about your friendship group or a quiz about a shared interest amongst one of your Facebook groups.

Would you like the quiz to be question-based only, or do you want to spice things up with a picture and music-round?

Try to create questions that take into account different interests and age groups involved in the quiz.

Make sure you have the accurate answers for your quiz! Top tip: dig out your trivial pursuit cards for some ideas.

Step four: Set the rules

This step is especially important if you are holding a mass quiz. It may be all fun and games, but it’s good to ensure everyone is playing fair!

Let people know you are fundraising for Dementia UK and how much they need to donate to take part; decide whether you want to donate before the quiz starts and how to make their donation.

Decide whether you want to set a limit on team numbers.

Remind people that they are not allowed to google or confer with others not in their team about their quiz answers.

Family friendly quiz? Tell people in advance that your quiz is going to be family friendly, let them know that you will not allow participants to swear or consume alcohol whilst participating in the quiz.

Step five: Invite the contestants

Making things official with an invite to your quiz (via a group message or calendar event) will make all the difference. If Whatsapp or Facebook messenger are your platforms of choice, and you have multiple group chats in action, we recommend setting up a separate quiz chat to unify your participants. If you would like to hold a more public quiz, why not hold it at regular times each week and promote it on your social media?

Tell people you are fundraising for Dementia UK and the difference their donation will make towards our vital work supporting families facing dementia at this uncertain time.

Step six: Quiz time!

Channel your inner Chris Tarrant or Richard Osman and be an energetic Quiz Master!

Make sure you repeat each question twice and leave time for people to discuss and decide upon an answer.

The most important thing is that you and your contestants have fun while making a difference to Dementia UK.

Step seven: Settle the scores

There are many ways to collect your answers and work out the scores from your quiz:

Trust your contestants – ask those taking part to mark their own answers and let you know their scores (this will work best with mass quizzes where it is unreasonable for the quiz master to mark everyone’s answers).

Ask teams to photograph their quiz sheet and send it to you (quiz master).

Ask a small group to ‘buzz in’ with their answers – first person to get the correct answers wins a point. Record your contestants’ points privately or on a shared screen.

Everyone’s a winner!

Celebrate the great time you and your contestants have had and thank everyone for being a winner as they have made a difference to Dementia UK.

Let everyone know the total raised from your quiz and what this means for families facing dementia during this uncertain time.

Ask your participants to post and share images of their group joining in with the quiz.

Announce your winner and runners up on your social media or within your smaller groups.

Encourage your participants to join you again or create their own quiz for Dementia UK!

Something else?

Do you have a fantastic creative at home fundraising idea you want to try out? Give it a go and let us know! Tell us your fundraising plans here, email or call 020 8036 5440