Chocolate birthday cake

Celebrate your birthday with a Facebook fundraiser

Make your birthday extra special by raising money for dementia specialist nurses

Thank you for thinking about how you can support Dementia UK on your birthday by asking for donations towards our vital services.

If you know how to get this started, then head over to our Facebook Fundraising page to set up and share your page.

If this is your first time, or you would like a reminder, we have a super simple guide for you to follow. Before you get started, here is a checklist to ensure you are ready to get your Facebook Birthday Fundraiser all set up:

  • Decide on the amount of money you want to raise
  • Pick a title and description for your fundraiser
  • Find a cover photo (if you wish to add your own)
  • Choose the date you want your fundraiser to end

Now you have this info to hand, choose whether you are using a mobile device or laptop/desktop to set up your fundraiser, download our handy guide and you will have your birthday fundraiser set up in no time!

Here are our top tips for making your Facebook Fundraiser a huge success:

  1. Invite your friends and family – make sure you get all of your nearest and dearest involved to celebrate your birthday and help you fundraise by sending them a message with a link to your Facebook fundraiser page.
  2. Ask close friends and family to make the first donations to get you started. Other people are much more likely to donate if they see that you’ve already received donations.
  3. Share your personal reasons for fundraising for Dementia UK on your page and when you post updates. You could even schedule a live video before/during your fundraiser to talk to your friends and family about the cause and why it matters to you.
  4. Involve people — interact with friends and family on your fundraiser page to get everyone excited about the goal. Monitor the donations and give updates on fundraising progress. And make sure you increase your goal amount when you reach it.
  5. Consider suggesting a donation amount instead of a birthday gift. Or, if you prefer, you could simply ask for general donations.
  6. Add images, videos or information to your posts. Remember to always add the link to your fundraiser to these posts.
  7. Have a party! Our great guide to hosting an online party is full of inspiring ideas to make you party go with a swing – remember fancy dress is always fun (and creates great photos).
  8. Say thanks. Be sure to thank your friends and family early and often. And mostly, have fun! After all it’s your birthday!

My Facebook Fundraiser was simple to set up and I raised just over £300. After my success, my friend was inspired to set up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for Dementia UK too.’

Having a birthday in January is sometimes difficult, so by celebrating on Facebook and fundraising for Dementia UK, it allowed me to feel personally connected to my friends and family on my birthday.’

For me, I believe in the expression – it’s better to give than receive. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday.

-Lynn Marriott, Volunteer Ambassador