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Donate it for dementia nurses

Donate the cost of your everyday activities to support families living with dementia

Although coronavirus restrictions are starting to be lifted, many of us are still at home and not able to take part in our usual working and social activities. As we all look forward to getting back to our routines, now is the perfect time to think of others.

That’s why we are inviting you to donate the cost of everyday activities you may not currently be spending on to make a difference to families affected by dementia.

The cost of your morning coffee, daily commute, gym class or cinema trip will help Dementia UK continue providing vital emotional and practical support to carers and people living with dementia, who are particularly vulnerable during the coronavirus crisis.

In return for your donation, we have some great suggestions for how you can re-create your everyday activities from home – for example by donating the cost of your morning coffee and pastry we will share Admiral Nurse Vicky’s recipe for American cupcakes; and you will have helped us answer three calls to our Helpline.

Slide illustarting that £5 could cover two people calling the Helpline
slide outlining that a £20 donation covers seven people calling the Helpline
Slide illustrating that £8 could cover three people calling the Helpline
Slide outlining thaat a £28 cinema trip could pay for two families to receive support on our Helpline
Slide illustrating that £55 could cover the costs of 23 people phoning the free Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline
Slide outlining that £12 could cover 5 people calling the Helpline
Slide illustrating that the cost of a £35 music concert ticket could pay for a nurse to work on the helpline for one hour

The challenges associated with dementia are greater and more complex than ever before and by donating to Dementia UK, you can make sure families receive direct support from our specialist dementia nurses today and in the future.

For more ways you can fundraise at home, check out our ideas and tell us your fundraising plans here, by email, or call 020 8036 5440.