Challenge yourself to Do it Daily for dementia nurses

Every day our dementia specialist nurses support people with dementia and their families with the many different challenges they face. By taking on our five-day challenge and donating £5, you can help us support more families struggling to cope with dementia. The Do It Daily challenge is full of active, creative and skill-based tasks to keep your children entertained.

How to Do it Daily

Check out our daily challenge suggestions below (or set your own) and donate your £5 on day five – you could even ask other people to donate towards your challenge to make sure you complete it!

£5 could cover the telephone costs of two families calling our free Helpline, which is a lifeline for many people, especially during these difficult times.

Day one

The language challenge – learn how to say hello and goodbye in five different languages, practice how to say and spell each greeting and try them out on a friend. You could ask family and friends who are from different countries to help by sharing their greetings. 

Day two

The active challenge – choose five different exercises and do them for five minutes each. Here are some of the exercises you could choose: star jumps, squats, toe touches, lunges, sit ups, shuttle runs, high knees, heel flicks, burpees and push ups. 

Day three

The creative challenge – try a new creative activity that you haven’t done before. You could try making sourdough decorations, use recycled materials to make a hat or even a rocket, make a bird feed or do some origami. You can try as many as activities as you can fit in!

Day four

The cooking challenge – pick a recipe with five ingredients and cook some delicious treats for family and friends to enjoy. This could be savoury or sweet, it’s completely up to you.

Day five

The music challenge – select a song to learn the lyrics to sing or tune to play on an instrument or makeshift instrument if you’d prefer. You can perform it to others and ask them to guess what song it is. 

Remember you can...

Mix and match your challenges and do them on different days – or set your own ones. And adapt the difficulty of the challenge depending on the age and ability of your children. The main thing is to Do it Daily and donate!  

Use our handy chart to check off for every challenge you complete – then share it with us on social media (Facebook: @DementiaUK1, Twitter: @DementiaUK, Instagram: @dementia_uk).

For support and more ideas please contact our friendly Fundraising team by emailing or call 020 8036 5440.