Dementia UK’s guide to hosting a vegan friendly tea party

Veganism is becoming more and more common, but it doesn’t need to stop you from getting involved in Time for a Cuppa this March. You could make your whole tea party vegan, or include some vegan friendly options to cater for your vegan guests. By catering for different dietary requirements you’ll make sure all your guests have a lovely time, and raise more money for dementia specialist Admiral Nurses, as everyone will be able to buy sweet treats!

Vegan friendly recipes

Demi with her vegan brownies, made for her Time for a Cuppa event

Demi's vegan chocolate brownies

Vegan and GF peanut butter cookies

Vegan and gluten free peanut butter cookies

Vegan chocolate walnut banana bread

Vegan chocolate and walnut banana bread

Vegan substitutes for baking

We’ve used flaxseeds as a replacement for eggs in these recipes, but there are some other options you can try:

  • Overripe banana in muffins or cookies (one banana per egg)
  • Apple puree for muffins or cookies (¼ cup per egg)
  • Chickpea water for meringues or cakes (¼ cup per egg)

If you’re trying an egg substitute for the first time, we recommend testing the recipe before you make it for your tea party – it doesn’t always work out quite how you planned! If in doubt, use one of our recipes or find a recipe with good reviews online.

We recommend light agave syrup as an alternative for honey. It is a similar level of sweetness so you can use the same quantity as you would for honey.

Non-dairy milk

There are lots of vegan friendly milk options nowadays, so your vegan guests don’t need to miss out on a lovely cup of tea. The favourite in the Dementia UK office is almond milk, but you could also try soy or oat milk. Clearly label your vegan friendly milk so your guests know the option is available, and make sure it doesn’t get mixed up with the dairy milk.

Time for a Cuppa is the perfect opportunity to get together with colleagues, neighbours, friends and family over a cuppa and some cake, while raising money to help dementia specialist nurses support even more families.

Time for a Cuppa week is 1st-8th March, but you can hold your tea party on any day – or month – that suits you!