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Ways to celebrate your loved one 

It is important to remember that grief is an entirely natural response to loss. There are many types of loss, and everyone will react and feel differently.If you have lost a loved one, you may find ourinformation leaflet ongrief, bereavement and lossuseful. The nurses on our Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline are also there to offer emotional and practical support.

Ways to celebrate your loved one

  • Funeral collections – We can provide you with donation envelopes, and there is the option to set up an online page that friends and family unable to attend can donate to. More information about how we can support with your in memory collections is available here.
  • Remembrance Fund– create an online memorial page to celebrate your loved one. This is an online space where you, your friends and family can share photos and memories and light candles on special anniversaries. This page can be set up at any time and can stay open for as long as you want it to. Find out more and set up your own pagehere. 
  • Make something special– hold an afternoon crafting session with friends and family, where you all make something in your loved one’s memory. This could be a painting, some embroidery, a Christmas decoration, or a scrapbook or memory box of shared moments, mementos and things that remind you of them. 
  • Take on a challenge– take part in an event or challenge in memory of your loved one. This could be a walk, run or personal challenge. You could do it on your own or get togethersomefamily and friends to all take partas a group. Find out morehere. 
  • Celebrate together– organise a  Zoom get together with friends and family to celebrate a special date. Play games, share memories and talk about your loved one’s favourite things. 
Hilda Hayo, Dementia UK's CEO and Head Admiral Nurse

When someone you love dies, it is devastating, and it can be difficult to make decisions and plans because of the grief you feel.

Some families choose to donate to a charity that supported their loved one or a cause that was meaningful to their loved one during their life. 

This can help the family feel like they have in some way honoured the memory of their loved one whilst also contributing to a cause that has affected their lives.

A lot of families say that they donate to make a positive differenceto others living with the effects of dementia, by enabling them to get specialist advice and support when they really need it. 

-  Hilda Hayo, Chief Admiral Nurse and CEO

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate your loved one, we hope these ideas are helpful. If you would like to get in touch email us at  – we would love to hear more about your loved one, offer any support or materials you need, and thank you for helping more families face dementia.  If you would like to know more about other support we can offer or have any other questions, please call 0300 365 5500.

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