Hannah Gardner, Lister Hospital Admiral Nurse

Families facing dementia are in crisis. Help our nurses support them

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Right now we can’t meet the demand for our help. There are at least 850,000 families desperately in need of the support an Admiral Nurse can offer – and only 282 nurses.

Carers and family members are already facing some very challenging and demanding situations. During the Coronavirus crisis most support services have stopped, but our specialist Admiral Nurses still continue to be a lifeline. The support they offer over the phone is a vital lifeline for so many people caring for somebody with dementia.

Dementia is on the rise in the UK. Every three minutes someone is diagnosed, plunging another family into a crisis that can push them to the brink.

The pandemic has thrown families into impossibly difficult situations. Some live with the diagnosed person and need advice if they are struggling to stay indoors. Others look after the person from afar and are very worried about the consequences of not visiting them at all.

The support of a dementia specialist nurse is a lifeline during this unprecedented time.

Our highly trained Admiral Nurses provide the specialist dementia support that families need. During the toughest times, they work alongside the entire family, giving them the advice and emotional support, they need to cope – and keep going, day after day.

Please sponsor a nurse today – and help us be there for every family that needs us, now and in the future.


Colin’s beloved wife Gladys passed away with dementia just over a year ago.

Here she is singing ‘their’ song – ‘Don’t sweetheart me’ with their youngest daughter, Janet. Singing songs together was a way Gladys’ family could stay connected with her while her dementia progressed. Colin said: “Gladys and I always used to sing this song together and even when she didn’t recognise me, she still remembered every word. When I listen to it, it brings both a tear and a smile to my face.”

Ian and Kelly

Kelly’s husband Ian was diagnosed with young onset dementia and passed away in 2017.

“It had a massive effect on my life. My partner in everything became my second child, if you like. Our Admiral Nurse, Jodie, helped me in a massive way. She’s was like a really, really good friend who understood what I was going through and made it a little bit easier.”

Read Kelly and Ian’s story here.