Payroll giving

Payroll Giving

Donate through your salary

Payroll Giving is a great way to donate to us. It gives us a reliable source of income to help us plan for a future where Admiral Nurses are available to everyone who needs them.

If you earn a salary or if your occupational pension is paid through PAYE then you could make regular contributions to Dementia UK through a Payroll Giving scheme. If you own or manage a business, why not set up a scheme and give your employees the opportunity to support us?

Payroll Giving (also known as Give As You Earn or GAYE) is a highly efficient way of giving.

Donating via Payroll Giving

If you sign up to a Payroll Giving scheme, a donation will be deducted from your salary or pension before tax. This means it costs you less to help us.

You decide how much you would like to give each pay day. There is no upper or lower limit. HMRC makes up the remainder of the donation at no cost to you. Here are some examples of what donations will cost you in take-home pay:

• a £5 donation will cost you £4 (at 20% tax), £3 (at 40% tax)

• a £10 donation will cost you £8 (at 20% tax), £6 (at 40% tax)

• a £15 donation will cost you £12 (at 20% tax), £9 (at 40% tax)

Some employers also offer ‘matched giving’ schemes where they match or double a donation at no extra cost to you.

Sign up to Payroll Giving

To set up a regular donation via your payroll, please complete our Payroll Giving Form and give it to your payroll department. If your circumstances change, you can reduce or increase your donation and its frequency.

If your employer does not currently offer a scheme, you can ask them to set one up (see below).

Once you are supporting us through Payroll Giving, we’ll contact you to say thank you and keep you up-to-date with how we’re growing the number of Admiral Nurse services across the UK.

Information for employers

Payroll Giving is one of the easiest and most effective ways to raise money for charity. You can register your company through an HMRC approved Payroll Giving Agency (PGA) such as:

The agency will guide you through all the necessary steps to complete your registration and will answer any questions. Once done, your employees should complete a Payroll Giving Form, specifying their chosen charity and donation details.

The benefits of running a GAYE scheme:

• it is easy to set up

• there is minimal admin with low running costs

• it is an simple way to meet your CSR objectives

• increases staff morale

• brings a simple and effective way of being part of a worthwhile cause.

There is also an opportunity to earn different levels of Payroll Giving Quality Mark depending what proportion of your employees sign up. Organisations who run excellent schemes can also enter the National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards.

Matched giving

Payroll Giving schemes also give the employer the option to match donations and/or to pay the admin fee which is usually deducted from the donation. Please note that not all Payroll Giving schemes charge the charity an admin fee so this should be considered when deciding which agency to sign up with.

If an agency does charge a few, a donation of 25p per employee donation covers admin costs. This means that 100% of the donation will go to the chosen charity. You can offset the matched admin cost against tax.

You could also consider matching or part-matching your employees’ donations to their chosen charity. Many employers match donations from between 10-100%. Some go further and double the total amount donated. Matched giving is a fantastic way of achieving your CSR objectives. It also demonstrates that you are maximising the benefits of the Payroll Giving Scheme.

Contact us

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Thank you for supporting Dementia UK.