Dementia UK Legacy Promise

We want you to feel comfortable about the gift you make in your Will to Dementia UK.  To help reassure you, we have created a list of promises so you always know what to expect.

We will always respect your privacy – your Will is very personal to you.  We will never ask details of the type of gift or amount; every gift whatever the size makes a big difference to families facing dementia.

We understand family and friends come first – we respect that and won’t try to change it

We promise to use your special gift carefully and cost effectively

We understand that circumstances change – there may be a time when you need to take Dementia UK out of your Will.  This is your choice and we respect it.

We will never put pressure on you to leave a gift in this way

We will never ask you the size or type of gift if you decide to support our work this way.

We are always here to answer your questions – please contact Gemma Kemp on 020 8036 5397 or email