Remember better times and help provide better dementia care

Remember better times and help provide better dementia care

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When we lose someone special, we want to remember the good times we shared together. But dementia can make that so hard. It can rob us of the person we love before they’re gone, making the last days, weeks, even months unbearable.

That’s where our dementia dementia nurses come in. They can help people deal with everything from the emotional impact of living with dementia to the practical everyday challenges of caring.

Every three minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with dementia – and a regular gift from you will help us fund the extra nurses we need to help people like Colin provide the best possible care for their loved one.

As a thank you for your gift, you’ll receive a packet of lavender seeds that will bloom every summer, an extra little reminder of the good times you shared with your loved one.

Colin and Gladys

“Thanks to my Admiral Nurse, Kellie, I was able to care for Gladys in a way which was conducive to her needs, rights and wishes. Gladys loved nature in all its finery, and now I can sit here in the garden she adored, remembering all the times she was at peace with the world as she saw its beauty.”

Colin Spencer

Make a regular gift

A monthly donation means ongoing funding for the vital work of specialist dementia nurses – giving life-changing support to families facing dementia

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Your donation will mean that we can provide much-needed advice and support to families and carers, particularly through our Dementia Helpline

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Even if you can’t make a regular gift right now, you can still get your seeds by calling our Supporter Care team on 0300 365 5500.