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During the coronavirus crisis, many support services have stopped and some are now only available in limited ways; however, people still desperately need specialist advice and support.

As a result, our Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline has become more of a lifeline than ever before.  In May 2020 we have experienced a 39% increase in number of people supported on the Helpline compared to May 2019.

Our Helpline is an absolutely vital resource, particularly as the crisis has created a wide range of problems for those who are caring for people with the complicated, devastating condition of dementia.

The coronavirus crisis has  thrown families into impossibly difficult situations. Some need advice as they live with a diagnosed person who does not understand social distancing, nor why they have to stay in indoors. Others look after the person from afar and are very worried about the consequences of not visiting them at all.

The support a dementia specialist nurse can give over the phone is absolutely crucial during this unprecedented time.

Our highly trained Admiral Nurses provide the specialist dementia care that is desperately needed. During the toughest times, they work alongside the entire family, giving them the advice and emotional support they need to cope – and keep going, day after day. More families than ever are in need of this support.

Thank you for choosing to support families during the coronavirus crisis. Your kind donation could help support vital services, including our Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline.  

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Admiral Nurse Cathy


could cover costs for four people phoning our  free Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline

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could pay for a new Admiral Nurse for an hour, reaching a family in crisis with nowhere else to turn 

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could help fund a Helpline Admiral Nurse for two hours in the evening, helping carers in crisis in the night