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Planning something special? We’d love to be a part of it.

Whether you’re celebrating a big birthday, small birthday, wedding, well-deserved retirement or any other occasion, you can help our specialist nurses offer a lifeline to more families facing dementia.

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Celebrating your birthday by fundraising for Dementia UK is a wonderful way to help our specialist nurses support more families living with dementia. You could ask for donations instead of gifts, set up an online giving page, or hold an event to raise funds.

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We would love to be part of your special day. Whether you ask for donations in lieu of gifts or purchase our Dementia UK wedding favours, you’ll be helping more families receive the gift of life-changing dementia support

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Other celebration

If you’re celebrating something special, why not make it even more meaningful by supporting Dementia UK? Whether it’s an anniversary, cultural holiday, christening, bar or bat mitzvah, retirement, or graduation, your support will help our specialist nurses offer a lifeline to more families facing dementia.

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How you will make a difference


could cover the telephone costs of five families affected by dementia calling our free national Dementia Helpline.


could pay for a specialist dementia nurse to advise two families in our virtual clinics so that they can better support the person they care for.


could fund a new specialist dementia nurse to run a full day of face-to-face appointments for families affected by young onset dementia (where symptoms develop under the age of 65).

Any questions?

Please get in touch with our fundraising support team if you want to donate over the phone or have any questions.

By phone: 020 8036 5440

By email: fundraising@dementiauk.org