Care can’t wait

That’s why we’re working in partnership with The Care and Support Alliance

Dementia UK are part of The Care and Support Alliance which represent over 70 of Britain’s leading charities campaigning alongside the millions of older people, disabled people and their carers who deserve decent care. We believe there is a strong case for change and are working with our members towards reform.

The Government’s recent announcement on social care reform outlines how social care will be funded in the future. In its plan, money for social care will only be available from 2023.

This is two years too long to wait.

Right now, too many people affected by dementia are struggling to access limited or inadequate services. Families are trying to fill the gaps in services themselves, with very little support for their own needs.

Social care is in desperate need of urgent funding to improve the quality of services, meet growing demands and offer care professionals a fair wage.

What we are doing

We are calling on the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to make immediate funding available for social care in his Spending Review on 27th October.

Our CEO Hilda Hayo has signed the joint CEO letter.

Our own income has been affected massively as I had to become carer to both my mother-in-law and my dad whilst also being a wife and mother. There’s been no financial support for us either as my husband works so we don’t qualify for any benefits

Sarah, carer for her mother-in-law and father.

How you can help

You can help by sharing with us your own experiences of social care. By sharing your story and highlighting the urgent need for improved dementia care and support, you can help us put pressure on the government and local decision-makers to improve life for families affected by dementia.

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