Research and Evaluation

Families affected by dementia need specialist care. We use evidence to shape our work so we can give them the best possible support. We also evaluate each Admiral Nurse service so that we can secure future growth of services across the country and be really confident that no matter where a family is being supported by an Admiral Nurse, they have someone truly expert and caring by their side.


  • Our GEANS (Getting Evidence into Admiral Nurse Services) programme collects evidence of how Admiral Nurses make a difference to families living with dementia, and how the work Admiral Nurses do promotes best practice in dementia care. Find out more.
  • An evaluation report of the Sutton Admiral Nurse service in its first 12 months proved the service was a success. Find out more.
  • An evaluation report of the South Norfolk Admiral Nurse service presented benefits to both families living dementia and local health providers. Find out more.
  • An Admiral Nurse at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust helped to improve dementia care and save costs for the hospital. Find out more.
  • An evaluation report of the Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline, which was conducted by Loughborough University revealed the vital support our helpline provides to carers. Find out more.



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