Dementia UK Insights and Evaluation team

We’re committed to building the evidence base for Admiral Nursing by demonstrating the value, outcomes and impact of Admiral Nurse services.

What do the Insights and Evaluation team do?

The Insights and Evaluation team helps us do this by collecting and sharing evidence on the effectiveness of the Admiral Nursing model. Some of the areas we collect information on include:

  • how Admiral Nurses are making a difference to families living with dementia
  • how Admiral Nurses work to promote best practice in dementia care
  • feedback on the experiences of families using Admiral Nurse Services

We are committed to gathering evidence we can use to make a difference to the lives of families affected by dementia and to develop, deliver and sustain Admiral Nurse services. Our Insights and Evaluation team also have a central role in embedding a culture of evaluation within local Admiral Nurse services.

The team work directly with Admiral Nurse services, host organisations/commissioners and other teams at Dementia UK to evaluate local Admiral Nurse services through:

  • advice on evaluation design and methodology
  • the provision of suitable evaluation tools
  • data analysis and reporting

They also collate evidence and share insights from evaluations of Admiral Nurse services across the country, including the Dementia UK Helpline. This helps us to better understand the needs and experiences of families living with dementia as well as continuously improve the specialist dementia support offered by Admiral Nurses.

How do they collect the data?

Our team use a range of quantitative and qualitative methods to collect this data and examples of our work to date includes:

  • Carer experience surveys for families accessing support from Admiral Nursing services and our Dementia UK Helpline
  • Measuring carer quality of life at the time of accessing support from Admiral Nursing services and at a follow up (using Adult Carer Quality of Life questionnaire).
  • Survey asking families about support offered following a diagnosis of dementia
  • Collating information on number of calls to and reasons for contacting our Dementia UK Helpline

Our team work closely with other colleagues in Dementia UK to ensure evaluations, data analysis and insights are brought together into engaging evidence resources which we can share with our supporters and partners. We use this evidence to influence growth of Admiral Nursing and to make a difference to the lives of families living with dementia.

The team

Our Insights and Evaluation team consists of a Head of Insights and Evaluation, Insights and Evaluation Advisors and an Insights and Evaluation Officer and are members of the UK Evaluation Society and the Social Research Association.

Our evaluation reports

Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline annual evaluation report

Our annual evaluation report for the Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline – January to December 2020

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Digital survey

The survey collected information to help develop and improve the digital services offered by Dementia UK to best meet the needs of people living with dementia and their families, friends or supporters in the future

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Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline evaluation summary

A summary of our annual evaluation of the Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline. The evaluation is collating information on number of calls to and reasons for contacting our Helpline

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Lewy body dementia Admiral Nurse service

An evaluation of the two-year project for a Consultant Admiral Nurse specialising in
Lewy body dementia funded by the Lewy Body Society. A summary can be found here

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Adult Carer Quality of Life tool

Analysis of Adult Carer Quality of Life questionnaires administered between February 2015 – December 2018

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