Higher Education Dementia Network and Curriculum for Dementia Education

Higher Education for Dementia Network logoThe Higher Education Dementia Network (HEDN) is an open forum for those with an interest in, or responsible for courses in dementia care, based within Universities across the UK.

The Curriculum for Dementia Education is a framework developed by HEDN to inform higher education courses in dementia care at a range of levels.

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Who attends HEDN?

Lecturers, senior lecturers or course leaders with an interest in dementia care training at post registration level.

Why does the network meet?

  • To share information and resources in shaping educational provision in dementia
  • To network with colleagues
  • To develop a systematic approach to Higher Education in Dementia
  • To provide a forum on influencing national policy on dementia
  • To share information on the provision of higher education courses in dementia care

What is Dementia UK's role?

  • To chair, co-ordinate and administer the Network
  • To raise the profile of higher education courses in dementia

HEDN position paper for professional bodies and colleges

HEDN has called for an assurance of dementia education for all social healthcare and housing professionals, in a position paper launched at the Dementia Congress on 7th November 2017.

Download the position paper

For more information about the network contact: hedn@dementiauk.org

Higher education courses in dementia care

HEDN maintains a list of courses in dementia care for qualified health and social care professionals that are available at some UK universities.

For up to date information about all courses, please contact info@dementiauk.org

Download the Curriculum for Dementia Education

The curriculum is a framework developed by the Higher Education for Dementia Network (HEDN) to inform higher education courses in dementia care at a range of levels

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