Download the Curriculum for Dementia Education

We are pleased to share the Curriculum for UK Dementia Education (CfDE), a framework developed by the Higher Education for Dementia Network (HEDN) to inform higher education courses in dementia care at a range of levels.

Research conducted by the Network identified that coverage of dementia in most UK university health and social care courses was inadequate and inconsistent (2005). To address this issue, HEDN designed the Curriculum to support universities in developing the content of higher education programmes for health and social care professionals such as nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and social work.

The Curriculum will help universities to ensure their courses address the knowledge and skills health and social care staff need to care for people with dementia.

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Background to the Curriculum for UK Dementia Education

As part of its commitment to improve professional education in dementia care, HEDN has developed a Curriculum for Dementia Education (CfDE). The curriculum is designed to guide Higher Education providers in the key areas for inclusion in courses related to dementia care, at both pre-registration and post-qualifying levels.

This project has gone through a number of stages including:

Initial generation of key themes and content areas within the CfDE, and publication of these in a discussion paper (Pulsford et al, 2003)
Analysis of the content of dementia education in UK universities, to gauge its concordance with the developing CfDE themes (Pulsford et al, 2007)
Consultation exercises with people with dementia and carers’ representatives regarding the CfDE, and mapping against existing education and training guidelines
Consideration of creative approaches to delivering aspects of the CfDE (Hope, Pulsford, Thompson, Capstick & Heyward 2007; Thompson, Capstick, Heyward, Pulsford & Hope, 2007)
A full account of the development of the CfDE has been published (Thompson, Hope & Pulsford, 2009).

Recent work has involved refining the CfDE through identifying specific learning outcomes for each section, and to relate these to different academic levels.