Meet the Consultant Admiral Nurse team

Beth Goss-Hill, Consultant Admiral Nurse

Beth Goss-Hill MA, BA, RGN - Consultant Admiral Nurse for Primary Care

As the Consultant Admiral Nurse for primary care, I work to provide strategic and clinical leadership, raise awareness, develop new guidance and support an increased reach of Admiral Nurses in the primary care setting. This supports the Dementia UK Strategy 2020-2025, where primary care is a priority area.

In my role, I guide host organisations and support the Dementia UK Business Development Team to ensure services are clinically safe and sustainable.

My role also involves working in partnership with the Professional and Practice Development Team and the Insights and Evaluation Team at Dementia UK to support professional development and evidence of service impact.

I also provide consultancy to new Admiral Nurse Leads during service set-up. This helps to ensure expert clinical practice and to streamline Admiral nursing processes within the primary care setting.

Jules Knight, Consultant Admiral Nurse

Jules Knight PGCert in Adv. Practice, BSc, BA, RN (MH) - Consultant Admiral Nurse for Young Onset Dementia

As the Consultant Admiral Nurse for young onset dementia, my role is multifaceted, but my main focus is on increasing the number of young onset dementia Admiral Nurses, so that families have access to the specialist support they need.

Young onset dementia Admiral Nurse can work a wide variety of settings. To support this, I work in partnership with our Business Development Team in defining new models of working, and by providing strategic and clinical leadership to new young onset dementia Admiral Nurses in host organisations.

My work also involves raising awareness of the unique needs of people affected by young onset dementia through our communications and marketing, and the ongoing development of digital services, our website, and resources for people living with young onset dementia and their families.

Justine Tomlinson, Consultant Admiral Nurse

Justine Tomlinson - Consultant Admiral nurse For Community Care

As a Consultant Admiral Nurse with a specialist interest in community Admiral Nursing, I support the Dementia UK strategy 2020-2025 for community engagement.

I work with Admiral Nurses, Dementia UK colleagues and other stakeholders to raise awareness of dementia within the community and build the profile of community engagement and support.

I support the development of Admiral Nurses in the community in a range of settings and environments, and support new Admiral Nurse Leads with expert clinical practice, leadership, and guidance.

My role enables me to share best practice with hosts and the Dementia UK Business Leads to influence clinical applications within community healthcare settings, ensuring services are safe and sustainable.

I also work in partnership with Dementia UK’s Professional and Practice and Insights and Evaluation Teams, to support the professional development of Admiral Nurses and collect evidence of their impact within the communities in which they work.

Kerry Lyons, Consultant Admiral Nurse

Kerry Lyons RGN, BSc Health and Social Care Consultant Admiral Nurse for Acute services

The Consultant Admiral Nurse works as an ambassador for Dementia UK in raising awareness of acute Admiral nursing, driving policy, and developing specialist Admiral Nurse services within the acute care setting (hospitals.)

She provides strategic, professional clinical leadership and consultancy within the acute field, contributing to and influencing expert clinical practice.

Increasing the numbers of Admiral Nurses within the acute setting is one of the priority areas set out within the Dementia UK Strategy 2020-2025.

Pam Kehoe, Consultant Admiral Nurse

Pam Kehoe, BSC, RMN - Consultant Admiral Nurse, Digital and Dementia at Work

As the Consultant Admiral Nurse focusing on digital and dementia at work, my key priorities include the provision of strategic and clinical leadership, support, and guidance; working in collaboration with internal teams; and overseeing the development of Dementia UK’s dementia at work and digital offer.

This includes supporting the Communications Team with social media enquiries and responses; managing and delivering awareness-raising, training and educational requests for the charity; and using my clinical expertise, experience and knowledge, working strategically to develop cross-team solutions to help ensure this area of the 2020-2025 strategy is clinically well-led and developed.

Admiral Nurse Paulette Winchester Joseph

Paulette Winchester-Joseph - Consultant Admiral Nurse Diverse and Under-served Communities

As the Consultant Admiral Nurse for diverse and under-served communities, I aim to use my specialist knowledge, experience and skills to clinically lead Admiral Nursing across these communities. This includes setting the standards for Admiral Nursing nationally within these communities and ensuring that all Admiral Nurses have the professional advice, tools and guidance to practice effectively and safely.

I am committed to helping Dementia UK achieve the aims outlined in the Strategy 2020-2025 Strategy including developing and increasing Admiral Nurse services throughout the UK and playing a pivotal national role in enhancing the understanding of dementia, improving care, and increasing support to diverse and under-served communities affected by this condition.

Sharron Tolman, Consultant Admiral Nurse

Sharron Tolman RGN, RMN, MSc Dementia (Stirling University) - Consultant Admiral Nurse, Palliative and end of life care in Dementia

As a Consultant Admiral Nurse with a specialist interest in palliative and end of life care in dementia, I work with stakeholders, Dementia UK colleagues and Admiral Nurses to raise awareness of dementia as a palliative condition and highlight the importance of dementia care in the last years of life.

I support the development of Admiral Nurse services with a palliative and end of life focus, including hospices. My role includes sharing best practice, contributing to and influencing clinical practice to improve end of life experiences for those affected by dementia.

Vic Lyons, Consultant Admiral Nurse

Victoria Lyons (Social Leadership Fellow, MSc in Healthcare Leadership, RMN)

Senior Consultant Admiral Nurse Head of Consultant Admiral nurse team
Lead for Learning Disabilities and Physical Disabilities

As lead for the team, Victoria oversees and manages the work of the team and ensures all work undertaken is in line with the Dementia UK Strategy 2020-2025.

She co-founded a national Expert Reference group for Learning Disabilities and Dementia in 2021. This group aims to improve the knowledge and support available nationally for nurses, social care staff and people with learning disabilities. She is also a member of the Growing Older with Learning Disabilities (GOLD) steering group.

Victoria set up, hosts and co-produces Dementia UK monthly Twitter Spaces, connecting with our community using this social media audio tool to ensure the charity is visible, transparent and in touch with our audience. Victoria also set up the editorial team for the Admiral Nurse bulletin and ensures the monthly edition is produced and sent to all Admiral Nurses each month.

Pat Mills, Clinical Services Coordinator

Pat Mills

Clinical Services Coordinator