The Consultant Admiral Nurses

The Consultant Admiral Nurse (CAN) team provide clinical consultation to all services, from the funding/design phase through to supporting newly appointed Admiral Nurses and established teams. The CAN team works across all stages of the Common Business Process (CBP), which provides a clear and linear progression for project/service development and maintenance.

The team is managed by the Senior Consultant Admiral Nurse (SCAN), who leads on the clinical support for services at a national level.

The CAN team are sub-divided into UK-wide speciality roles, with CAN’s leading on a given area of specialist knowledge and expertise:

  • Young onset dementia
  • Social care
  • Primary care
  • End of life
  • Community services
  • Diverse and underserved
  • Acute Care

The specialist areas led by the CAN team directly align to the Dementia UK 2020-2025 strategic priorities, which aim to ensure that high quality dementia care is more accessible to more people, in more ways…
The 2020-25 strategy focuses on five key areas of development:

  • Community
  • Hospitals
  • Helpline
  • Workplaces
  • Specialisms

Meet the Consultant Admiral Nurse team

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