A case study of Admiral Nursing in Southampton

Employing one Admiral Nurse in a hospital in Southampton helped train 600 ward staff to better support people living with dementia.

This meant that University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust saved £322,000 in staff costs. Ward staff learnt how to prevent and manage distress in people diagnosed with dementia. They no longer needed to employ extra staff for people with the condition because they could meet their needs faster and more appropriately.

The Admiral Nurse helped people with dementia get person-centred care plans, developing ward staff’s understanding of the complexity of their needs.

Setting up a weekly Carers’ Café, our Admiral Nurse offered carers emotional support and signposted them to appropriate services and support within the hospital. This, along with better understanding of the benefits of early diagnosis, helped the hospital exceed the target for assessment and early identification of dementia. This work helped develop dementia-friendly ward environments in the hospital.

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