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Commission an Admiral Nurse Service with Dementia UK

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Admiral Nurses work together with families and health and social care services, using their experience and expertise to foresee and avoid crisis, and upskill others in the dementia pathway. Admiral Nurses receive ongoing training, development and support from Dementia UK.

Read a case study about how we work with Sutton County Council and the local CCG.

Read a case study about our work with a hospital in Southampton.

Read a case study about our work with NHS South Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group.

The specialist dementia support that families need

  • Admiral Nurses intervene quickly when things become challenging or difficult for families – averting avoidable and costly crises, and ultimately reducing hospital admissions and early residential care.
  • They work collaboratively with other providers in your pathway; sharing their expertise and giving them the support and skills they need to be effective.
  • They understand the critical need for joined up health and social care for families, and have the expertise to manage and coordinate care when required

Our way of working is proven to deliver vital cost savings for you, and better outcomes for people living with dementia.

To find out more about how an Admiral Nurse can meet the needs of families in your pathway, or to convert an existing dementia nurse post to an Admiral Nurse post, please contact our business development team:

Call us on 020 8036 5400