Become an Admiral Nurse

I feel proud to be an Admiral Nurse because, each day, I have an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of family carers and Im supported by Dementia UK to develop my practice.

A Dementia UK Admiral Nurse looks to cameraAdmiral Nurses are registered nurses with experience in dementia care who work collaboratively with families and with other dementia care providers, sharing their expertise and giving them the support and skills they need to be effective.

When things get challenging or difficult, Admiral Nurses work alongside people with dementia and their families giving them one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions.

They work in different care settings: in the community, in hospitals, in care homes and in hospices, and they maintain the highest level of practice, supported by Dementia UK.
Admiral Nurses provide the specialist dementia support that families need.

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Five reasons to become an Admiral Nurse

  • Get time and space to be creative and innovative. Admiral Nurses are experienced practitioners who work independently. They are able to work collaboratively with a family through difficult times and to try many different interventions until a solution is found. Their work is holistic and enduring, and the result is fewer crises and a better quality of life for families affected by dementia.

“As Admiral Nurses we can provide continuity for families and support them through difficult transitions. This is so rewarding.”

  • Have guaranteed clinical supervision, professional and practice development. Once a month, you’ll attend a professional and practice  development day to ensure you maintain and strengthen your expertise as a specialist nurse. Nurses receive specialist clinical supervision in the morning. In the afternoon, you will have presentations from colleagues and external speakers, and take part in workshops or a journal club to reflect on your practice. This is supported and facilitated by the Admiral Nurse Professional and Practice Development Team.

“We are the only specialised nursing group working within dementia care to focus on improving both the carer and the cared for person with dementia’s physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.”

  • Develop your practice and increase your expertise. As an Admiral Nurse, you are supported to develop your expertise and to access relevant training and development informed by the Admiral Nurse competency framework. “Being supported to expand practice boundaries through connections with Dementia UK makes Admiral Nursing unique.”

“Being supported to expand practice boundaries through connections with Dementia UK makes Admiral Nursing unique.”

  • Join the Admiral Nurse network. You’ll become part of a network of nurses who will support providing expert advice and support and tried and tested practical tips. You will meet other Admiral Nurse colleagues at an annual forum and get support through our online discussion forums. And special interest groups

“I believe in the model and know that families can be empowered and their resilience strengthened by the relationship with the Admiral Nurse.”

  • Be part of a nurse-led service. Dementia UK’s CEO is a dual-registered nurse with over 37 years’ experience of developing and leading dementia specialist teams. Since Hilda Hayo joined the charity in 2013, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of Admiral Nurses in the UK, an increase in the national profile of Dementia UK, and ongoing development of support services for Admiral Nursing. It’s an exciting time to be part of our growing team, which understands the everyday challenges you can face in your role as a nurse.

“Its a nurse-led service. The family-centred approach is a holistic way of working which includes the person with dementia.”

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