Commission or host a service

Commission an Admiral Nurse Service with Dementia UKAs a commissioner of services for people with dementia, or someone who is interested in hosting an Admiral Nurse service, we know that you expect integrated services that offer a return on investment.

That’s exactly what our Admiral Nurses provide and it’s because they offer quality, expert and skilled dementia care.

Read a case study about how we work with Sutton County Council and the local CCG

Read a case study about our work with a hospital in Southampton.

Five reasons to commission or host an Admiral Nurse

  1. Make a long term investment in expert care to provide substantial savings to local health and social services.
    Support from our nurses can rapidly and efficiently sustain a family living with dementia, helping them build resilience. By providing quality care, they will save your local services money. This is because families don’t need as much support from GPs and other health and social care professionals. In Telford and Wrekin, for example, an independent evaluation shows that our Admiral Nurse service saves local services £11,000 a month.
  2. Improve well-being for people living with dementia and their family throughout the dementia journey.An Admiral Nurse works across health and social care, and can support a family from diagnosis to end of life. They offer families a single point of contact who stays with them through difficult times and refers them to appropriate services. Our nurses’ specialist knowledge of dementia helps families manage the complexities of living with dementia.
  3. Adapt our gold standard core model so you can provide families with the best care possible.Over 25 years, we have developed a core Admiral Nursing model which is the gold standard of dementia care. Providing families with the specialist clinical advice and practical support they need to survive the many transitions of the dementia journey is at the heart of this model. You can adapt the model to your care setting so you get the benefit of years of experience and bespoke support.
  4. Work with dementia nursing experts to ensure families get up to date, evidence-based support from nurses committed to professional development.
    Each Admiral Nurse service is operated as a partnership between Dementia UK and a host organisation, which can include the NHS, local authorities, charities and private providers. The hosts provide the Admiral Nurse with a line manager and what they need to set up in practice. We work with hosts to determine exactly what they need to reach their desired outcome. And one day per month, we provide Admiral Nurses with expert clinical supervision and professional development, encouraging reflective practice.
  5. Share best practice so your local area can provide expert dementia care, and help fill existing gaps in services.
    Admiral Nurses share their knowledge of how dementia affects families with GPs, district nurses, health visitors, mental health teams, memory services, and staff in day, domiciliary and residential care and nursing homes. That means when you invest in just one Admiral Nurse, you can upskill a number of professionals.

Seven steps to setting up an Admiral Nurse service with Dementia UK

We work with commissioners and host organisations (who employ Admiral Nurses) to:

  1. Organise a face to face meeting where we can determine what you need an Admiral Nurse or Nurses to do.
  2. Agree how the post will be funded.
  3. Draw up job descriptions, person specifications, service collaboration agreements and other guidance for your Admiral Nursing service.
  4. Advertise Admiral Nurse posts.
  5. Shortlist and select nurses.
  6. Develop a monitoring and evaluation process to measure the impact of the Admiral Nurse service.
  7. Set up a steering group (which could include everyone from nurses themselves to commissioners or families) to guide the service and support those involved in it.

Interested in providing excellent, cost effective care to people with dementia?

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