What to do if a family member doesn’t recognise you

The person I care for sometimes doesn’t recognise me. What’s the best way to deal with the situation?
Many people with dementia have moments where they don’t recognise a family member or close friend. This can be very frightening for the person with dementia and they may respond by saying “go away” or “ I don’t know you” and this can be very upsetting for the family or friend.
Some families and friends have been able to cope with this by understanding that at that moment in time, the person with dementia is not living in the present day and so does not recognise the family member or friend. For example, they may look for an adult child as a young child again, or they may look for their spouse to be the person they married 50 years ago; their loved ones or friends don’t look the same anymore. This is an indication of just where the person with dementia is in their mind at that time – ten minutes later and everything can be ‘back to normal’.
If the person with dementia becomes distressed and agitated, it is sometimes best for the family member or friend to leave the house, walk around the block and come back in as if nothing happened. Often when they walk back in, the person with dementia will ask, ”Where have you been?” and it’s all ok again. Sometimes if the situation feels bad, the family member or friend could put a different coat or jumper on when they come back in, so they look a little different. This eases the fear for the person with dementia.