Accepting help at home

My mother has recently been assessed by social services for help at home. She is ‘self-funding’. We have been sent some information but I really don’t know where to start especially as she keeps saying she doesn’t need any help.

Starting with some gentle ‘companionship care’ is often much more acceptable than having a ‘carer’ call. There are a variety of providers of this type of care and they can be very creative about how they enable the person to accept care.

Most providers will be very receptive to an exploratory phone call to talk about your mother’s needs, and will use agreed words and language when they make the assessment visit.

The help may start with just a cup of tea or a walk outside, and progress over a few weeks as the relationship builds with the service. It is always best to start gently if your mother feels she doesn’t need any help. Some people find going out to a day centre or a social activity more acceptable.

When looking for a care provider make sure they are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), that they train their staff in dementia care, and they employ their own staff rather than being an introductory agency.