Paying for care at home

How can I get some help to pay for my father’s care? My mother does everything and she is worn out I am so worried she will completely break down.

Making the decision to get help is very personal, and it can seem like your mother who is caring is in denial, or being very stoical. It can feel very intrusive having various people come into your house and take over different aspects of care, or day-to-day household tasks. This therefore makes the decision-making of ‘the right time’ very difficult.

Your father is entitled to a  Community Care Assessment and a Financial Assessment from Social Services. During the assessment they will assess his care needs and offer a ‘care package’. You can accept the ‘care package’ which is often a few visits a week for about 45minutes – 1 hour at a time. This means the money to cover the package of care will be paid to a designated person (usually to the Power of Attorney), and can be used to purchase the care and help the person needs in a very flexible way.

Alternatively your mother can ask for a ‘Carers assessment of need’ as she is entitled to this under the Care Act 2014. Help or some money should be available to enable her to have a break of at least a few hours a week.

In addition your mother is entitled to Attendance Allowance and as she lives with your father she can claim a 25% council tax reduction for Mental Incapacity

Find out more about sources of support for families affected by dementia, including about Financial Assessments, Attendance Allowance and Power of Attorney.