Family recipes

Some of our staff and Admiral Nurses share the recipes that remind them most of home. Plus we look back at last year’s winner of our Family Recipe Competition.

Joan’s One Stage Chocolate Cake


Joan’s mum’s home baking was enjoyed by family, friends and the local church parishioners for many years – in particular her One Stage Chocolate cake, which she modified to become her own “Violet’s One-Stage Chocolate Cake”

Sarah’s Scones

Sarah Chambers 3

Sarah’s nan absolutely loved her cakes and some of her favourite memories with her are sitting around the table sipping a cup of tea and eating a fresh cream scone.

Alexia’s Eccles Cakes

Nanna S 1

Alexia supports Time for a Cuppa as her nanna had Alzheimer’s disease. One of her favourite memories is going strawberry picking with Nanna and Grandpa to make jam. She says her Nanna Cath used to make the best eccles cakes using Marguerite Patten’s recipe from her 1967 edition cookery book.

Michelle’s Barra Brith

Michelle 2 formatted

Michelle helped care for her beloved grandfather who had vascular dementia. Seeing how heartbroken her grandma was when the man she had been married to for over 60 years didn’t recognise her was something that has always always stayed with Michelle and made her determined to help other familiesn. Even when things were really tough towards the end of her grandpa’s life, he still enjoyed his cake and especially her grandma’s delicious Bara Brith.

Faradane’s Cheese Scones

Faradane M

Faradane’s  Gran and Grandad sadly passed away when she was very young but she loves looking through her Gran’s old photo album and showing her little daughter all these larger-than-life characters that form part of her personal history. She loves making new memories baking this classic cheese scones with her daughter.

Julie’s Ginger Cake


Julie’s nanna’s baking could never be replicated in her family. A favourite in her household was the sticky ginger cake.

Rachel’s Easter Nests

Rachel 12

Like many others, Rachel’s family has a special recipe (for a double-decker pink fudge icing cake) that’s been handed down through the generations – but it’s a secret and she hasn’t been entrusted with it yet! Therefore, she has chosen ‘Easter nests’ as my family favourite tea-time recipe – the kind with chocolate, cocoa and treacle syrup! It always reminds me of times spent cooking with her mum.

Ruby’s Mars Bar Rice Krispie Cake

Ruby Dave 3

As one of the first Admiral Nurses, Ruby’s dad has been working with families who have been affected by dementia since she was very young. Her nan used to always have a big biscuit tin full of these delicious treats in her pantry whenever Ruby and her sister visited. Before she passed away many years ago, she taught Ruby the ‘secret recipe’, who still always make a batch of them for family gatherings and special occasions.

Karen’s Rock Cakes


Karen is a Dementia UK Volunteer Ambassador. Her mum Peg had dementia and she has fond memories of baking rock cakes with her when she was young. They were simple to make and were nice on their own, or pulled apart and eaten with a little butter.

And the winner is…


Nikki Legg won with her nana’s delicious ginger fairing recipe. Nikki tells us the recipe “is particularly good to make with children because it’s a quick and easy one bowl recipe. I think Nanna was good at getting us all involved with baking.”