Dementia UK collaborates on the Joint Declaration on post-diagnostic dementia care and support

March 6, 2016
Three admiral nurses


The declaration is a shared commitment between government, health, social care, the third sector and all other relevant partners to improve care and support for people with dementia and their families following diagnosis.

Once a person with dementia has received a diagnosis it is essential that they, and their families, get appropriate post-diagnostic care throughout the course of their life. This is to ensure that people living with the effects of dementia and their families and carers have the right information and support so they can live as fulfilling lives as possible, prepare for the future and their preferences for end of life are acted upon.

Post diagnostic support for people living with the effects of dementia and their families and carers should be personalised, flexible, culturally relevant and have proper regard to equality. There is no one size that fits all, with different needs existing according to personal wishes and circumstances, the nature of the dementia and the course of the condition.

Read the full Declaration on the Department of Health website and find out how we will be working together to ensure our ambition.

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