Dementia UK calls for consensus to fix social care

November 4, 2019

Paul Edwards, Director of Clinical Services at Dementia UK, says:

“The current adult social care system is broken and does not meet the needs of the countless people and their families living with disabilities and long term conditions such as dementia – who have the right to access quality care and support to help with their everyday needs.

No tinkering can ease a system that is not fit for purpose. We need a complete overhaul of care that is easy to understand, sustainable and can support a society that is ageing, and ageing with dementia.

The only way that this can be achieved is by gaining cross-party consensus. The social care needs of thousands of people should not be a political football. Every delay in decision-making means more families are reaching crisis point – financially, emotionally and practically.

Paul Edwards

There is an urgent need for a sensible and honest debate. A debate that isn’t driven by fear or political point-scoring but is instead collaborative and focussed on finding a long term solution. We call on all members of all political parties to work together to put the needs of people needing care and support first.”