Covid-19: are you OK?

December 2, 2020

Dementia UK supports the Nursing Times Covid-19: Are You OK? campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the potential long-term impact of working through the Covid-19 crisis on nurses’ mental health and wellbeing (and that of other staff and pre-registration students), and to ensure they have access to sources of formal and/or informal support.

Paul Edwards, Director of Clinical Services at Dementia UK said:

“Coronavirus is causing distress and pain to so many right now, and there will be a need for nurses to support society long after the acute phase of the pandemic has eased. Our own dementia specialist Admiral Nurses have supported families with dementia through some challenging moments after a decline in support services, and heightened symptoms in people diagnosed. This climate of increased need can lead to longer working hours, more pressure and less support; all of which can have implications on nurses’ mental health and wellbeing.

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“Alongside other nurses with different specialisms, they will play their part in helping people put their lives and communities back together. They deserve to be valued with the right mental health initiatives and training – not just in the Year of the Nurse but also beyond”.

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