Colin’s special Christmas memory

December 18, 2019

Christmas can often be a difficult time for those who have lost a loved one.

Colin was facing his first Christmas alone after his wife of 60 years, Gladys, passed away from dementia. It was his Admiral Nurse, Kellie, who prompted him to try and recall the happy times that they shared.

At first, Colin found this difficult emotionally but, with Kellie’s support, he began to view memories more positively. Here’s a special Christmas memory he would like to share with you.

“In the early to mid-1960’s we lived in the outskirts of Cologne, Germany, with our young children.

One Christmas Eve we invited our neighbours over. Gladys was in her element as she served everyone with a glass of sherry and a mince pie.

Colin's Christmas memories of Gladys

The fun really came as Gladys offered me the last mince pie on the plate; she knew just how much I loved them.

I took a bite and almost gagged! It wasn’t just mince pie; Gladys had worked a ball of cotton wool into the mince! I’ve no idea how my face must’ve looked but the roof of my mouth was coated in cotton wool with strands stuck between my teeth.

We all burst out laughing…well, I tried to laugh with cotton wool stuck everywhere! What a start to that Christmas season.

I look forward to this Christmas knowing I will be sad not having my lass at my side but there will be times of laughter. Equally and in quieter moments I will be able to recall a plethora of happy memories of Christmas past with the love of my life.

I will be forever grateful for the support and guidance Kellie afforded me in my time of immense sadness and sorrow.”

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