Admiral Nurse Emma’s story

February 6, 2019

The most important thing about being an Admiral Nurse for me is to understand what people are going through and to get to the root of what is bothering them.

We work alongside people, supporting them, advising them and counselling them; listening for what they don’t say and acknowledging their unspoken feelings.

There was one lady I advised who was losing both of her parents. Her mother was approaching the end of her life and her father had dementia. A lot of my work involved making sure she was comfortable enough to answer all the questions posed by the healthcare professionals and also ensuring they were responsive to her needs. As a result of this, the daughter had the confidence to ask the care home what her mother’s life expectancy would be; the answer ultimately helped her to coordinate care for both parents better.

When someone is in their deepest and darkest moments, their automatic reaction is to close themselves off from the world.  As Admiral Nurses, we shine a light on these issues and encourage them to open up.

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