Stories of family members of people living with young onset dementia

Read the personal stories of family members of people who are living with young onset dementia. They share in their own words the impact their partner or relative’s condition has had on them and their family.

Sarah, Andy and Liz

Sarah's story

Sarah’s husband Andy was diagnosed with Posterior Cortical Atrophy when he was 59 years old. She shares the blur of the diagnosis, and how finding the right support has helped her cope as Andy’s dementia progressed. He now lives in a care home

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Josh, Richard and Joanna stand outside their family home

Richard's story

Richard has been married to his wife Joanna for over 40 years. He talks about their experiences and shares his thoughts about the dementia care system following Joanna’s diagnosis of young onset Alzheimer’s disease shortly before her 57th birthday

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Jolyon and sister sitting outside

Jolyon's story

Jolyon’s sister was diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 63. They were supported by Admiral Nurse Amy, despite many challenges and geographic distance making supporting from afar more difficult

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Lucy Shook and brother Robert

Lucy's story

When Lucy’s brother Robert hit his head in a car crash, no one could have imagined that five years later he would be diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. Their parents fought endlessly to get him the right care and support. Eventually he moved into a care home and died aged 46.

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Hannah, Neil and their children

Hannah's story

Hannah’s husband Neil was diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer’s disease at 51 years old. The family’s Admiral Nurse, Lizzie, supports them and their two children on a regular basis

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Linda, John and daughter

John's story

John’s wife Linda was diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 53. Whilst the effect of Linda’s dementia on the wider family has been distressing, they have adapted the house so she can remain at home and they have been supported by Admiral Nurse Lesley

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