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To our brilliant Uniting Carers members,

As some of you may be aware, Dementia UK has been redefining its focus and aims over the past year to place its sole attention and activity in developing and supporting Admiral Nursing. Alongside these changes stringent cost saving measures have been introduced which have led to a reduction of staff including the loss of the Development Lead and Project Coordinator posts for Uniting Carers. This doesn't mean that we've stopped recognising the great value that carers' experiences bring to the organisation and dementia care landscape, it means that we'll be incorporating your input differently.

Family carers and people living with dementia are still at the heart of everything we do and we don't intend to change that.

We'll still help you carry out some of the activities you've been involved in, such as speaking to commissioners, at conferences or to the media. We understand that many members of Uniting Carers may well still be functioning within a caring role or be recently bereaved of their family member with dementia. Therefore, the coordination of your contribution to Uniting Carers could be more appropriately supported by an Admiral Nurse(s) to ensure the appropriate level of guidance and mentorship is provided.

It's imperative that in the charity sphere we work in a way that is as streamlined and effective as possible, and we think this new structure will help us achieve that. Many of you have been involved in varied and valuable work, but we need to focus our energies. Carers will no longer be involved in work that does not support the expansion of Admiral Nurse services. This work will still be really diverse and we hope you'll find that it is as interesting and gratifying as it always has been.

Families affected by dementia need access to Admiral Nurse services, and it shouldn't depend on where they live in the country as to whether or not they get access to one. Anything we do as a charity from now on needs to support this.

We know that so many Uniting Carers members understand how important Admiral Nurses are for all those living with dementia and hope that you'll stay with us to help us achieve new services in areas that so critically need support.

We'll bring you any more updates as they happen.

We hugely appreciate the time, effort and care you've shared with us since the inception of Uniting Carers.

If you have any questions or worries about caring for a loved one with dementia, or are worried about your own memory, please call our Admiral Nursing DIRECT helpline on 0845 297 9406.


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Uniting Carers is an involvement network of family carers of people with dementia. The aim of the network is to give carers the opportunity to raise awareness and increase people's understanding of dementia. We now have over 1,000 members throughout the country who have joined our network - people who want to use their experience of caring for someone with dementia to make a difference.

Members can commit as little or as much time as they feel able. Many carers find it both healing and empowering to share their experiences and work together so that others may benefit.

Get involved by:   


Join Uniting Carers to:


  • Raise awareness about dementia and the experience of caring
  • Hear about opportunities to get involved
  • Receive support and training where appropriate
  • Develop new skills and confidence
  • Join other carers in making a difference 
  • Influence service development

To find out details of our current activities, please go to the News section.




"I feel so angry about the stigma, the ignorance and how hard it was for us at the beginning and how helpless we felt. Uniting Carers has supported us to focus, to feel useful again and to know how to share our story." - Geri and John Ravenhill


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